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Range x KNO

How Range Used KNO’s Post-Purchase Surveys to Fill Their Wholesale Pipeline & Drive Over 4x ROI.

Range is a leather goods maker that produces everything by hand in Laramie, Wyoming, from leathers that have been tanned by hand since 1905 in Chicago, IL. So, Made. In. The. USA. Range is a company that believes that craftsmanship should carry through every aspect of a business. Their ethos: “We believe that working with your hands is a respectable trade, so that’s what we do.” Each item they produce is unique and made to stand the test of time. 

Range came to KNO because they wanted to get to know their customers in the same way they know their products: first-hand. With KNO’s surveys, they learned that 75% of their customers came through paid social and 20% from word-of-mouth. They also discovered that over 20% of their customers were looking for something even more custom-made than what they currently offer: they wanted custom hats for their businesses or organizations. This feedback led them to launch a wildly successful lead generation campaign for their wholesale line.

The Story of Range

Range Leather started small in 2014 with a few leather goods made by hand. The company was founded by Kyle and Bailey Koster, who launched their business from their garage after a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign. Today, Range sells leather goods to more than 30,000 people each year and offers 20+ unique products.

How Range Got Smarter About Its Customers

“Simply asking ‘Why did you choose this product today?’ is insanely helpful for merchandising both on the site and in ads.” 

1. Learned More About Where Customers are Coming From 

Range already had a pretty good idea of where their customers were coming from, but they wanted to know more. Was there as much traffic coming through word-of-mouth as they thought? How well were their ads performing? 

How Kno Came In 

“When we started with Kno, we didn’t have a KPI that was like ‘we need to see X value or we’re uninstalling’ —it was more of an exploration thing for us,” says Tim Aton, COO. “But after getting all this valuable data, it quickly became a no-brainer part of the tech stack.”

Range started by setting up an attribution survey. “I’m sure everybody sets this one up first,” says Tim Aton. “Undeniably valuable. I keep track of our topline revenue versus spend across all channels, but it’s nice to know what customers are saying on the back end to validate the metrics. Especially helpful with all the privacy rule changes recently.” 

The Results

Range discovered that 75% of its customers came from paid social (FB & IG) and a whopping 20% from word-of-mouth. 

“I felt that “a-ha” moment with every new survey I launched. Getting answers straight from customers is thrilling.”

2. Inspired New Value Props for Ad Angle Tests & Product Descriptions

Range knows what makes their leather goods high quality — after all, they’re part of every step of the process. What they didn’t know was whether customer perception aligned with their values. But using Kno helped them prove some hypotheses about what customers saw in their products. “Kno offers super user-friendly post-purchase surveys,” says Aton. “Why not let customers tell you exactly what you need to know? Ask them, and they will tell you.”

How Kno Came In 

Using Kno helped them prove some hypotheses about what customers saw in their products. 

“Simply asking ‘Why did you choose this product today?’ is insanely helpful for merchandising both on the site and in ads, says Aton. “I started with an open-ended question to let customers fill in their own answers. After a couple of weeks, I took the most common answers and turned them into radio buttons (which increased the response rate). Then, I broke this question up by product and tailored the questions to get one notch more specific.” 

The resulting feedback helped them finesse how they describe their goods across platforms. 

The Results

“Kno has definitely helped us identify what resonates with our audience best in terms of value props,” says Aton. “Because of the data we gathered, a brand refresh is in the works to highlight the things that people resonate with the most.”

3. Revealed a New Lead Gen Opportunity — with a 20% Opt-In

Range’s wholesale hats channel was thriving, but the team had a hunch more customers could be interested—they just didn’t know custom hats existed. What if they just asked all hat purchasers if they were interested?

How Kno Came In 

“On [the post-purchase survey for] hat purchases, I asked ‘Are you interested in custom hats for a business/organization?’ For the folks that said yes, we then passed them into a Klaviyo flow (via integration),” says Aton. “That email was just plain text and looked like it came from our Apparel Production Manager with a link to our landing page. This form had a massive 20% yes rate.”

The Results

Range’s hat survey yielded some fantastic results. 

30% response rate

21% yes rate

79% email open rate

21% click rate

5% form submit rate

75% close rate

Interested in learning more about what Kno can do for your company or brand? Schedule a demo with us today, and we’ll walk you through the surveys that Range used to get their handcrafted goods into the hands of more customers.