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Pura Vida x KNO

How Pura Vida Used Kno to Find Their Dream Customer — on TikTok

Pura Vida is a jewelry and lifestyle accessories brand founded in 2010 by two friends named Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman. What started with 400 bracelets made by artisans in Costa Rica has grown into a jewelry brand beloved (primarily) by Gen Z. Turns out parents love Pura Vida, too. With Kno’s help, the team discovered that most of their customers were under the age of 18 — and that 40% of their sales were gifts, mostly from parents who love the give-back mentality of the brand as much as their kids love the pop-colored bracelets and rose gold rings.

The Story of Pura Vida

In 2010, during a trip to Costa Rica, Thall and Goodman both fell in love with the local lifestyle (the saying “pura vida” translates roughly to “the simple things in life”) and the country’s artisans who were making beautiful jewelry and goods but struggling to support their families. They teamed up with those artisans to sell their jewelry back in the United States — all to support the community they love.   

“Giving back has always been at the core of what we do,” says Deirdre Kelly, “We’ve donated over $4M to over 200 charity partners and are committed to providing sustainable jobs to our artisan network and reducing our carbon footprint.” 

How Kno Helped Pura Vida Discover Their Truest Customer Persona — and the Value of TikTok 

“[With Kno’s insights], we’ve been able to allocate more time to reach [our customers] where they’re at. We’ve seen what channels perform best for different product categories and lean in there.”

The Problem / Challenge

“We wanted to improve response and completion rates and get more in-depth data for different customer segments,” says Deirdre. The team also wanted to know more about their audience demographic. 

How Kno Came In 

“I was introduced to Kno by a mutual friend,” says Deirdre. “We were already on Enquire but struggling to obtain the data we wanted from our post-purchase survey. Jeremiah was down to brainstorm and help us work through high-level questions regarding strategy and our long-range business plan.”

How Pura Vida Discovered New Customer Patterns 

With Kno, Pura Vida was able to deploy different surveys for different customer types, more easily view responses for follow-up and conditional questions, filter by audience types, and consolidate data in the attribution model view.

“We went from a 25% response rate to a 33% response rate,” says the team. “We were also able to glean insights into the age demographic of our customers. It revealed a discrepancy between the purchaser and the end consumer. Not only do we have a lot of gifting going on, but we have so many customers under the age of 18 who are using their parents’ credit cards.”

“We observed a 40%+ gift rate even outside of the main holidays, so we’ve changed to an evergreen gifting campaign strategy.”

The Results

The younger demographic and gifting trend proved crucial for Pura Vida’s next steps. “With KNO’s surveys, we observed a 40%+ gift rate even outside of the main holidays, so we’ve changed to an evergreen gifting campaign strategy not just around key moments like Valentine’s Day or Christmas.”

KNO’s survey tools also helped Pura Vida discover an overlooked channel: TikTok. “TikTok was heavily underreported in GA — and even in TikTok ads reporting — but with Kno, a fifth of new customers told us that’s where they’re coming from. Turns out, that’s our primary discovery channel.” 

“The value KNO can provide is incredible. I highly recommend if you’re a small outfit without a data team like we are.”

“KNO is innovating and evolving so quickly, and the team is always down to help us work through any high-level questions regarding strategy or our long-range business plan,” says Deirdre, “The value Kno can provide is truly incredible. I highly recommend if you’re a small outfit without a data team like we are.”

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