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HexClad x KNO

Data-Driven Growth: How HexClad Used KnoCommerce to Refine Media Spending

The Story of HexClad

HexClad, a leading cookware brand, has carved a niche in the market with its innovative hybrid cookware, combining stainless steel’s durability with the convenience of non-stick surfaces. As a nine-figure brand operating in the DTC space, HexClad faced the challenge of optimizing its media spending strategy to reach and engage its target audience effectively.

The solution emerged in the form of Kno, which quickly became a critical data point for optimizing HexClad’s marketing strategy.

The Problem / Challenge

HexClad faces a challenge with a 1 to 3-month consideration period for their high-value products, involving a complex decision-making process. Customers may conduct extensive research, compare alternatives, read reviews, and consider various factors before committing to a purchase. This extended consideration window also increases the complexity of understanding and influencing customer behavior.

HexClad sought a solution to understand customer behavior, implement personalization, and differentiate between direct and indirect channel buyers.

How KNO Came In

In a strategic collaboration with Kno, HexClad embraced a dynamic approach to customer discovery. 

KnoCommerce provided HexClad with a robust solution, facilitating efficient post-purchase surveys to extract valuable information about customer preferences and habits.

Kno played a central role in identifying the origins of customer awareness, providing critical insights for marketing strategies. HexClad was able to accomplish this through the implementation of Kno’s post-purchase surveys and the use of the following features:

-Klaviyo Integration

-Shopify Tagging 

-Emailed Surveys

-Actions to push Refer-a-friend and a Facebook Group

“We use it to identify where people first heard about us, helping us understand our discovery efficiency,”

Connor Rolain, Head of Growth at HexClad explained highlighting Kno’s integral role in HexClad’s marketing approach. In other words, HexClad’s use of Kno extended beyond data collection, actively shaping a targeted marketing strategy and effective media mix.

KNO’s Post-Purchase Survey on HexClad’s Confirmation Screen

KnoCommerce’s Impact on HexClad’s Marketing Strategy

Using Kno, HexClad strategically unraveled the dynamics of customer discovery, capturing data upfront for a laser-focused marketing strategy. 

Here are some ways Kno had an impact:

Understanding discovery channels

Kno became a cornerstone in HexClad’s media spending strategy, especially in understanding discovery channels. By capturing where customers first heard about HexClad, the tool enabled the company to gauge the efficiency of its marketing efforts.

“One of our primary uses for Kno is in media spending. We use it to identify where people first heard about us, helping us understand our discovery efficiency.”

This is especially important since HexClad has a long consideration window for sales, meaning a lot of the data around discovery channels is lost during the lengthy buyer’s journey—and HexClad can’t pinpoint exactly where customers are discovering their products.

Connor explains further, “So often, our performance won’t appear in the MTA data but will in the post-purchase survey data.” One specific example was validating their podcast spend as it was a new channel as of last year. 

Being an audio medium, posed a unique difficulty in tracking the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Traditional methods like discount codes and short links proved to be leaky and imperfect, making it challenging to attribute customer conversions accurately.

Undeterred, the HexClad team decided to leverage the power of post-purchase surveys to unravel the mystery surrounding their podcast advertising endeavors. Realizing that direct tracking mechanisms were not foolproof, they opted for a more conservative approach.

Firstly, they collected data on the number of customers who claimed to have discovered HexClad through podcasts. Recognizing the inherent completion rate in their surveys, which hovered around 50%, they adjusted their calculations accordingly. This meticulous correction aimed to ensure a more accurate representation of the impact of podcast advertising on customer acquisition.

Having gathered this data, HexClad exported corresponding orders and calculated the revenue generated from podcast-driven purchases. Dividing this revenue by the amount spent on podcast advertising yielded a conservative ROAS for their podcast campaigns. This method allowed them to compare the performance of podcast advertising against other marketing channels at similar funnel stages.

The results were illuminating. HexClad not only confirmed the incremental value of podcast advertising but also identified the top-performing podcasts through the more specific responses in their post-purchase surveys. 

With this discovery, they optimized their podcast strategy, narrowing down their selection from a broad spectrum of 20 podcasts to a more focused three or four in the upcoming quarter. This has paved the way for other channels as well. HexClad will be adding Snapchat to its PPS to measure the effectiveness of this new channel. This addition provides HexClad with a clear and objective method to validate the success, which, as Connor noted, would otherwise be challenging to assess.

Trend Chart for Podcasts

“Kno is critical in our attribution stack.”

Building Robust Customer Profiles

HexClad surveys focus on discovering customer preferences related to diet, family size, and entertainment habits. The goal is to tailor content and recommendations to those customers later, positioning HexClad as a brand that understands and caters to individual needs. 

Additionally, HexClad’s evolving product roadmap now incorporates insights into customer preferences, allowing for personalized content and product offerings. Connor went into specifics that over the past 18 months, they’ve conducted extensive survey work to delve deeper into customer preferences and challenges, leading to a more informed and strategic approach to product development and marketing.

For instance, when questioning customers about their outdoor cooking habits, HexClad discovered that 30% grill more than five times per month. This insight not only influenced the product development roadmap but also guided the selection of channels to reach out to customers interested in grilling products.

Similarly, in the realm of baking, HexClad found that a significant portion of its customers (60%) bake more than five times per month. This led to strategic decisions in both product development and marketing efforts. The company identified a clear trend of customers over-indexing on baking, prompting them to explore product offerings that cater to this segment.

The survey data also uncovered insights into cooking-related activities, such as meal prepping. With 38% of respondents indicating that they take lunch to work or school every day, HexClad identified an opportunity to develop food containers and storage products. This customer-driven approach has proven instrumental in aligning the company’s product roadmap with customer needs.

“Things like that are just irreplaceable. There’s no other way to gain such valuable insights than by directly asking our customers those questions. Additionally, there’s no better person to ask than someone who has actually bought from you, because that’s who we want to cater to the most.”

Furthermore, HexClad used KnoCommerce surveys to differentiate between existing customers and potential ones. For instance, when seeking input on content for a recent Tolstoy series, the company specifically targeted subscribers who had never made a purchase. This approach allowed HexClad to understand the concerns and hesitations of non-buyers, enabling them to tailor their marketing strategies and product offerings to address those specific barriers.

The Results

The integration of KNO into HexClad’s marketing and media spending strategy yielded transformative results. By leveraging post-purchase survey data, HexClad gained a nuanced understanding of its customers’ discovery channels, leading to a laser-focused media mix. 

Enhanced Strategic Decision-Making

With KNO, HexClad addressed the challenge of an extended consideration window, allowing it to adjust its goals and budget allocations strategically. Validation and optimization of new channels, such as podcasts and Snapchat, became seamless, enabling HexClad to make informed decisions based on customer responses. 

Actionable Insights 

Additionally, the post-purchase surveys provided actionable insights for product development, guiding HexClad’s roadmap with precision. The strategic adjustments prompted by KnoCommerce not only improved customer understanding but also propelled HexClad toward a year of remarkable growth and strategic prowess in the direct-to-consumer market.

Exceptional Customer Success

One standout feature for HexClad was Kno’s exceptional customer success team, ensuring a seamless experience. HexClad highlighted that Kno provided cutting-edge technology and excelled in delivering unmatched customer success, making it a crucial partner in optimizing its operations and decision-making processes. “In my experience, I’ve yet to encounter a survey team or company that truly excels in customer service the way KnoCommerce does.”

Interested in learning more about what KNO can do for your company or brand? Schedule a demo with us today, and we’ll walk you through the surveys that HexClad used to get their hybrid cookware in the hands of more customers.