TikTok's Post Purchase Survey Playbook

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RESULTS: 1047 New Clicks to Tapcart Download   |   25% TikTok Attribution Discovered

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Kno + TikTok

“Using Kno has been instrumental in allowing us to find out where our customers are REALLY coming from,” says Only Curls’ co-founder Hugo Lewis. “We don’t just ask customers how they heard about us – obviously, that helps, and we get an accurate picture from that – but we’re also able to dig deep into what our customers want from us.”

The Challenge

Only Curls knew that customers loved using their Tapcart app (it encouraged engagement, a higher average order value, and drove ~30% of their overall revenue. The problem was, not all their customers were using it.

The Results
With Kno, Only Curls drove an extra 1,047 clicks to their Tapcart download page in just 60 days.

Because Kno gets a 45% average response rate on its surveys, it’s the perfect place to encourage a lot of high-intent to complete an “action”, such as referring a friend, joining a community, or – as in the case of Only Curls – pushing new and repeat customers to download their app.

Wanna to see how they did it?

We offer the most comprehensive post-purchase surveys out there.