In the KNO Vol. 9

Each week, we’ll be sharing the best consumer behavior stats, attribution data, and actionable insights gleaned from our wild, raw survey data. 

These are powerful tools – do with it what you will (but always use your superpowers for good.) 😂

In the KNO today:

  • How to find out when your customers will buy.
  • A brand discovers just how valuable their organic efforts are.
  • Our favorite post purchase questions this week.

Let’s get into it…

How to Find Out When Your Customers Will Buy

We recently spoke with some of our longest running brand partners and asked them to answer the question: What was the most impactful insight you’ve pulled from your KnoCommerce survey? We were hoping for some bizarre, wild, or even unexpected answers…but one brand’s response topped them all for how outrageously simple and powerful it was. This brand had two questions in place:

  • Did you purchase this product for yourself?
  • Which occasions do you buy gifts for?

From the responses, nothing seemed out of ordinary. AOV was much higher for gift-based purchases, which is common. But here’s the fun part…

Those high AOV customers weren’t purchasing randomly.In fact, the data was clear:

  • 20.19% purchased gifts to brighten someone’s day.
  • 19.95% purchased gifts for birthdays.
  • 14.60% purchased for Christmas gifts.

Combining their original purchase intent question with an occasion specific question gave this brand the capability to speak directly to those high AOVcustomers right when they’re in gift-buying mode!

The ultimate cheat code: post purchase surveys. 🚀

BFCM is coming…now’s the time to start gathering deep customer insights so you can drive better sales and stronger loyalty in Q3 and Q4. What will you discover?

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A Brand Discovers How Valuable Their Organic Efforts Are

Organic doesn’t move the needle…or does it? We had a brand on a mission to find out. After a tumultuous post-covid experience with their paid ecosystem, this brand decided to try a different approach. 

They implemented an organic strategy that was focused on building a community they could use to gather UGC from…but it did more than that! After taking a look at the data they found: 

Over 35% of their customers came from an organic post, which was 45% higher than the sales being attributed to their ads.

So…what should our brand do with this knowledge? 

Double down on their organic efforts. Draw in more influencers and more creatives. Generate content at scale, and use their organic efforts to help drive their paid ones. 

BOOM. Strategy solved.

Our goal is to help you understand your customer journey without having to do it blind.

If you’re ready to take your insights to the highest level, we’d love for you to give us a try – FREE – for 14 days. Our insights are your insights.

Our favorite post-purchase survey questions this week:

  1. “If you were the CEO of our brand, what (if anything) would you change about the brand?”
  2. “Who shops the most in your family?”
  3. “Which products do you most frequently shop for in-store?”

We want to hear from you! Are you planning on launching on TikTok in Q2?

See you next week.

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