In the KNO Vol. 8

Each week, we’ll be sharing the best consumer behavior stats, attribution data, and actionable insights gleaned from our wild, raw survey data. 

These are powerful tools – do with it what you will (but always use your superpowers for good.) 😂

In the KNO today:

  • A brand finds an untapped channel that looks promising…
  • Why customers may not want cheaper prices…
  • Our favorite PPS questions from this week…

Let’s get into it…

Brand Finds an Untapped Channel That Looks Promising

One of our brand partners started testing their paid strategy on YouTube last month, which is completely uncharted territory for them. Not only were they brand new to the platform, they also weren’t sure their ads would even work over there. With GA over- and under-reporting across the board, this was a highly risky test. 

Luckily for them, they didn’t have to go in blind. We set them up with two surveys: one for acquisition and one for repeat customers which included one of our favorite questions to ask: 

“Where did you see our ad?”

 Here’s their survey results split between their first and second week on YouTube…

Is this a giant shift? No. But it is enough for the brand to confidently continue testing, which at this point in the year is 100% worth the effort. 

🚀 TLDR: Acquisition is the name of the game right now (at least until we hit end of summer.) The more channels you can diversify on, the greater reach you’ll have and the more customers you’ll capture before it’s go-time.

 (Because BFCM is coming…) And while we’re at it, want to see how Pura Vida used KnoCommerce to find their dream customer on TikTok?

Don’t Increase the Price…Increase the Convenience

The question, “What do you value most when shopping for products like ours?” gives incredible insight into the current shopping behavior of your customers and can even tell you which messages they’re likely to respond to most.  

A lot of our brands ask their customers what they value, but it might shock you to discover that customers don’t always put price at the top of the list… For this brand, the data was clear: 

A whopping 40.24% of customers said they value convenience over ease of purchasing, faster shipping, and even price!

So…what should our brand do with this knowledge? Make convenience top of the list and apply it to creative strategy, customer experience, customer service, brand strategy – the works. Give the people what they want. 

The takeaway here: there’s many ways to “wow” a customer, but without knowing what they value most, you’re almost certain to provide the wrong kind of value. 

Post purchase surveys FTW. 🏆

Our goal is to help you understand your customer journey without having to do it blind.

If you’re ready to take your insights to the highest level, we’d love for you to give us a try – FREE – for 14 days. Our insights are your insights.

Our favorite post-purchase survey questions this week:

  1. “When was the last time you purchased a product like ours?”
  2. “How often do you do x activity per week?”
  3. “Which platform do you consume content on the most?”

We want to hear from you! Are you planning on launching on TikTok in Q2?

See you next week.

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