In the KNO Vol. 7

Each week, we’ll be sharing the best consumer behavior stats, attribution data, and actionable insights gleaned from our wild, raw survey data. 

These are powerful tools – do with it what you will (but always use your superpowers for good.) 😂

In the KNO today:

  • How to tell if your TikTok efforts are working.
  • Using an NSP survey to capture high AOV customers.
  • Our favorite LinkedIn find this week…

Let’s get into it…

How to Tell if Your TikTok Efforts Are Working

TikTok is one of the best channels to scale on, and one of the hardest channels to crack. Users are notoriously slow shoppers, and unpredictable in-platform attribution makes scaling a huge challenge. 

After a year of turning their ads on and off, one brand was ready to call it quits on TikTok. It seemed like customers weren’t converting, and their GA data showed very low numbers across the board… 

So when did they finally start seeing success? 

A simple question: “What brought you to our site today?” was added to their post-purchase survey, and the results were eye-opening. Contrary to what GA was showing… 

In the last year, customers who came from TikTok actually increased by 26%!

This is a pivotal find for the brand, especially after struggling to identify whether the platform was working for over a year. 

Armed with this knowledge, they can now increase their budget and scale with confidence on a platform that used to be a dead end. 

Post purchase surveys FTW. 🤩

Using an NPS Survey to Capture High AOV Customers

A simple NPS survey is one of the most powerful survey types you can utilize, but a lot of brands tend to skip this one. 

“Too simple”, is what we hear most. “How does a 1-10 rating help us?”We’ll show you. 

One of our brands ran an NPS and happily saw high ratings from the majority if their customers…but one thing in particular stood out. After running the survey for just a few weeks, the data showed many high AOV customers reporting in the 5-6 range. 🤔

Not only is this an amazing find, but it’s essential for their CX team to know – customers who spend a lot also feel “meh” about their purchase! 

There’s many ways to “wow” these high AOV customers into increasing that rating (this brand is currently building out a CX fix for this) but the moral of the story is…

The first step to change is knowing what needs to change.

How Much Cash Are You Leaving on the Table?

The team at Kno is constantly working towards optimizing our data so we can bring the most accurate customer information to the people who need it most. This post nails our mission, 100%.

Our goal is to help you understand your customer journey without having to do it blind.

If you’re ready to take your insights to the highest level, we’d love for you to give us a try – FREE – for 14 days. Our insights are your insights.

Our favorite post-purchase survey questions this week:

  1. “Approximately how old are you?”
  2. “Which article did you read?”
  3. “Which influencer did you see our product from?”

We want to hear from you! What questions are you asking in your PPS right now? 

See you next week.

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